Leaders' Experiences with CLIENTpulse

I just wanted to let you know that CLIENTpulse is awesome! Venkat and I have always wanted to get client feedback, and we received great feedback from our clients by using your product. It is an impressive service, and we’ll happily be a reference and refer the service to others.
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Nate Webb
Partner at Focal Law PLLC
CLIENTpulse is awesome. Great Design. Clean, simple, actionable. Wow.
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Forest Key
CEO of Pixvana
I think CLIENTpulse is fantastic! I was telling my spouse all about it the other night because I think it's so impressive. I love that it's not anonymous because it makes taking action easier in this circumstance. Internally, we didn't use anything because we didn't have the time, that's what makes CP so awesome!
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Amy Balliet
CEO of Killer Infographics
CLIENTpulse has been great for us as the process is simple and effective. Before we were creating a quarterly survey then emailing each client which was a bit tedious. Using the dashboard helps me get to my client satisfaction rating quickly. Getting nuggets of feedback from our clients is super valuable to us as well.
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David Hajdu
CEO of Vinasource