Here at CLIENTpulse we’re firm believers in The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Because we live in the land of surveys this means only serve up a survey that we find easy to take ourselves.

Given our dependence on smartphones and mobile devices in general, this translates to making all surveys mobile friendly. When you consider these facts from Nielsen and Forbes , you’ll start subscribing to this rule too:

  • 67% of mobile subscribers in the U.S. own a smartphone.
  • Smartphone users reach for their phones nearly 2X more than they did twelve months ago.
  • Consumers who say they primarily use cell phones for Internet access is up to 21 percent.

If you aren’t sure what it means to be mobile friendly, take a look at the two smartphone screens below for a dog sitting service. The screen on the left is a standard website. It’s hard to read and has clickable content in the body text, footer, and right rail. Meanwhile, the screen on the right is mobile friendly. All content is laid out in a vertical design, which makes for easy scrolling, and all clickable content is in one place.

If you were looking at a survey, which layout would you prefer? The mobile friendly one, obviously. So if your clients are using their phones to complete your survey—as statistics say they are—make sure you make it easy by designing your surveys to be mobile friendly.

4 Signs you have a mobile friendly design

  • 1It’s responsive: This means that no matter the size of your screen, whether you’re on a 17” desktop or a 4” smartphone, the design layout will adjust.
  • 2Looks good across operating systems: Between PCs vs. Macs, laptops vs. mobile phones, there are tons of operating systems being used, not to mention different versions of those operating systems. A strong site will be optimized for this.
  • 3No pop up windows: Pop ups, especially on a small screen, are extremely difficult to see and close. When you use them, you reduce usability.
  • 4Client and user-facing components are optimized: If you have a front-end for clients and a back-end for internal use, both ends will be mobile friendly. After all, your employees are not an exception. They’re accessing client data via mobile phones so make it easy for them to see it.

Quick Tip:


When negative feedback comes in, you want to be on top of it, right? But what if you’re in the middle of the weekly supermarket run? Surely you’re not in front of your computer at the same time.

This is where mobile reporting comes in handy. Just like making your client surveys easy to take, you’ll want to make your survey feedback easy to access too. With mobile-friendly reporting you can quickly take a peek at your phone and see responses as they come in.

That’s why we’ve made CLIENTpulse feedback reports responsive for computers, phones, and tablets:

If you’re as interested in delighting your clients as we are, you’ll want to know if you’re falling short, no matter where you are.

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