Are you a genius savant? The kind of person that can remember the color of shirt they were wearing at their 16th birthday party? Yeah, we’re not either. That’s why we love reminders.

Just like you appreciate that little “ping” from your calendar that reminds you it’s time for a meeting, your clients will appreciate the little “ping” reminding them about taking your client survey. It’s likely they were more than willing to take the survey, but between an unexpected phone call or prepping for an upcoming meeting, it completely slipped their minds. A small, little reminder in their inbox might be all they need to take the survey.

Consider this: 25-50 percent more clients respond to a CLIENTpulse survey after they receive an email reminder to take the survey.

Reminder Email Best Practices

There are three practices you’ll want to include in your reminder emails:

  • 1Customize the “From” field: Your clients usually associate a certain person, maybe a customer service rep, account manager, or even CEO, with your business. Having a reminder come from that individual helps personalize your business. It also gives them someone to reply to if they have any questions or concerns that need to be covered.
  • 2Use permalinks: A permalink is a personalized link that takes your client directly to the survey without forcing them to sign in. The link is customized to tell the survey system who they are and which question to serve them. Permalinks make accessing the survey much easier for your client, increasing the chance that they answer the questions.

  • 3Send to non-responders: It might sound obvious, but you only want to send reminders to non-respondents. Sending a reminder to those who already responded is confusing, and could annoy your clients.

Remember those abysmal response rates we mentioned some organizations got from their client surveys (check out the Intro for a reminder)? Sending out just one or two reminder emails using this process is enough to boost participation rates and give you a true picture of client sentiment.

Quick Tip:


If you rely on yourself to hit the “send” button, you’ll likely forget to send your clients surveys, not to mention survey reminders. When it comes to survey reminders, consider these two back-to-back solutions:

  • Automatic Reminders: After the first survey email has been sent, we recommend sending a reminder after seven days to anyone who has not responded. You’ll likely still have some clients who don’t respond, so we recommend a second automated reminder fourteen days after the first send. Of course, this is ONLY to the ones who have not responded already.
  • Manual Reminder: Sometimes the personal touch really does help. If you still don’t get any responses, have a member of your team send a personal email, asking for feedback. Just remember to include that permalink so that it’s easy for your client to click and respond.

And don’t forget: reminders are for non-respondents only. Clients who have already responded don’t want their inboxes cluttered by unnecessary reminders. Sorry to repeat this, but it makes you look bad if you can’t even keep track of who has responded.

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