Client surveys will offer some negative feedback, but they give you great news too. Several, if not most, clients love you and will let you know. Use it!

There are few marketing and sales tools more powerful than actual user evangelization. Prospective clients can’t help but listen when existing customers talk about the virtues of your product, your customer service, your responsiveness, and other features that matter. Word of mouth works.

Use your client survey responses to facilitate word of mouth. That is, repurpose all the nice things they’re saying in your marketing materials. It brings an unbiased perspective to your materials and helps liven up what might otherwise be dull jargon.

You can use your client happiness ratings to identify clients that might be willing to serve as references as well as provide additional content for marketing materials.

3 Reasons to Leverage Surveys For Marketing & Sales

  • 1Credibility: A third party is saying nice things about you... and they’re not getting paid. You can’t beat this kind of marketing copy.
  • 2Personalization: When an actual user of your product or service evangelizes it, prospects better understand how they can use it themselves.
  • 3Content: Having first-hand stories and testimonials gives your marketing team the content they need to create blog posts, emails, robust landing pages, etc.

Just remember to ask your clients before using their names and stories. They’ll want to give you the “okay,” and you might even get some stronger sound bites when they hear what you’re doing.

Quick Tip:


With clients saying great things about you, you’ll want to leverage all the different channels you have to get it out there. Here is a list of just a few places you can repurpose feedback content:

  • Video testimonials: The written word is nice, but seeing and hearing an actual client is often more powerful. Record your clients talking up your product and post it on YouTube, your website, or send it via a link to prospects.
  • Social media: Your marketing manager is probably always looking for great content to post across your social media channels. Customer quotes are fresh content and they help liven up the conversation.
  • Marketing emails: Do you have lead nurture emails? Use them to feature client stories and help convince prospects it’s time to get on board.
  • Case studies: Few things are more convincing than concrete facts. Work with your clients to create case studies that pinpoint exactly how your product benefitted them. Prospects want to know that your product will actually work for them.
  • Landing pages: Create a “What Our Clients Are Saying” page that consolidates great blurbs in one place. Prospects will see in one shot what people are saying about you.

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