Client surveys offer a rich pool of actionable feedback that improves your business and makes you a customer service star–assuming, of course, you know how to absorb all that feedback.

Finding ways to visually represent your feedback is oftentimes the best way to get a quick read on general sentiment, especially when you consider these findings :

  • 40% of people respond better to visuals than just plain text.
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Just look at this list of clients and their happiness scores:

Now look at this same data, but graphed.

What was an indigestible list of names and numbers is now an easy to absorb graph. With a quick look you can see that this company has fairly happy clients, mainly clustered in the 7-10 range. But, there are clearly a few dissatisfied clients that should be tended to immediately.

The same can be said for a simple “Yes/No” question too. Ask the question, “Do you foresee continuing to be a customer of ours a year from now?” Seeing a stacked bar graph like the one below really shows you what your clients think:

You’ll still need to actually read your client feedback. Graphs just help prioritize which feedback you’ll tackle first.

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