Are you feeling time-pressed? Do you feel your attention is pulled in every possible direction? You’re not alone. A Harvard Business School professor recently found that humans have shorter attention spans than a goldfish. And a quick search on Google for “how to improve time management” yields over 179 million results...and that’s just a search for English results!

Your clients are falling prey to this reality too. Between their responsibilities over business metrics, planning sessions, employee onboarding, and countless other tasks, they barely have time to eat lunch. A survey is certainly not on their to-do list.

This is why short, regular surveys are better. You’ll be asking very little of your clients’ time, but just enough to absorb actionable feedback to pinpoint trouble areas.

Top 5 Reasons to Keep Surveys Short

  • 1 Asking less questions shows respect for client time
  • 2 Fewer questions feels manageable, leading to higher response rates
  • 3Limiting the number of questions prevents survey question creep
  • 4Fewer, focused questions lead to focused action
  • 5Less questions allow for more time for deeper answers

In our experience, sticking to short, simple client surveys can yield response rates of 50% or more. That’s nearly 50X higher than what some B2B surveys yield (see some of those response rates in the Introduction). And if you’re wondering how to get actionable feedback with such a short survey, worry not. We’ve got the rest of the guide to teach you all of the tips and tricks.

Client: Law Firm
Challenge: How to get client feedback when you’ve never found a good feedback tool
Story: A law firm had tried unsuccessfully to gauge client sentiment in the past. Every so often they discussed doing a client survey, but each time they started, they’d end up with a running list of 50+ questions. It was long, they didn’t know what they really needed, and they knew the number of questions was too cumbersome. But they didn’t know how to fix the problem.

Through word of mouth, one of the firm’s partners heard about CLIENTpulse and decided to give it a try. It was the easiest solution they reviewed. Questions came pre-loaded, send times were automated, and much to everyone’s delight, the survey had only two questions at any given time.

As the Managing Partner noted: “My partner and I struggled to get client feedback for years, but your product made it incredibly easy.” By limiting analysis to just two questions, the firm’s partners had actionable feedback that was easy to measure. Simplifying the survey to just two questions stopped their paralysis once and for all and put them on the path to being in step with client sentiment.

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