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Your clients are your bread and butter. They are the reason your product or service exists, and the reason you and your colleagues have a job. To put it bluntly, without them you have nothing.

How your organization works with this vital element of your business needs to be agreed to by senior-most leaders, and implementing client surveying is no different. Management, whether it’s the CEO, VP of Sales, or Director of Account Management, is best poised to implement programs that flow throughout the organization. They are in a position to explain why new initiatives, even if they are more work or uncover sensitive information, are advantageous to the organization in the long term and to ensure that they get implemented.

So, before you jump into client surveys, take a step back and make sure you have decision makers involved who can incorporate positive change. Of course, individual staffers will contribute to this process, but successful implementation and follow-through starts with senior leaders.

And really, it shouldn’t be tough to get executives on board, especially when you consider these facts from the American Society for Quality:

  • 90% of defecting customers never come back.
  • 90% of customers whose complaints are resolved do not defect.
  • A dissatisfied customer usually tells up to 10 people about a negative experience.
  • It will cost an organization five to six times more to attract new customers than to keep old ones.
Client: Technology & Software Provider
Challenge: How to revamp a failed customer survey process

Story: Our client tried sending out customer surveys in the past, but never with much success. Like many companies, their attempt was plagued by low response rates and captured little valuable feedback.

Dissatisfied, the company's CEO started to look for a new solution and discovered CLIENTpulse. He quickly asked his Director to check it out and start testing it. With both the CEO and Director supporting the roll out, it was easy for all employees in the organization to get on board.

They quickly got the service live, and within three weeks of sending out the first batch of surveys, a team meeting was set up to review feedback. The CEO and Director led the meeting, triaged problems, and organized feedback for next steps.

Since the initial meeting, team members continue to gather after each survey batch is sent out. The CEO leads each one, showing his enduring support for staying on top of client sentiment. This is now one of the company’s most popular meetings as they get to review and address client issues and needs. Plus, they also review glowing customer feedback, which energizes the team.

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