By now, we bet you think you’re a client survey rockstar. If you’ve read all about building your surveys, how to time them, how to create an action plan, and how best to get your team involved in sending and sharing feedback, then yeah, you kinda are.

Don’t lose that momentum. Now that you know how to effectively engage your clients with surveys, it’s time to capture actionable feedback from your employees too.

You know that haunting feeling when one of your best employees gives you her two weeks notice? Don’t you wish you could have done something to prevent that? Don’t you wish you had a sense of her unhappiness before she decided it was time to leave? And aren’t you concerned that she’s not the only one thinking about walking out the door for good?

If you think you’re too busy to field employee surveys, think again. Just look at these stats showing the business success of those companies whose employee engagement is in the top 25%:
  • 2X more net profit
  • 2.5X more revenue
  • 12% higher customer advocacy
  • 18% higher productivity
  • 40% lower staff turnover

This is why we created TINYpulse, a survey tool that lets you proactively ask employees for feedback, creating a system to increase employee engagement, happiness, and retention.

And, just like client surveys, there are several best practices you’ll need to follow to receive candid, actionable feedback. Lucky for you, we have a guide for that too! Check out our Advanced Guide to Employee Surveys and learn our not-so-secret tips for rocking the employee survey.

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Didn’t click over to check out our employee survey guide yet, did you? We’ll here’s a little taste of the helpful ideas you’ll get by reading it:

  • Embrace Anonymity: Unlike client surveys, employee surveys should always be anonymous. If you want employees to give candid feedback they’ll want a way to do so without fear of recriminations. Anonymity offers this.
  • Keep ‘em short: Just like your clients, your employees are busy. If you want high response rates, keep your employee surveys short.
  • Create an action plan: Did you know that 1 in 3 employees can become disengaged if survey feedback isn’t acted upon? Get ready to create an action plan to tackle feedback.
  • Find a healthy cadence: Employee sentiment changes over time. Plan to send surveys regularly to get reads on potential issues before they become big problems.

Okay, you’re ready to read the employee survey guide now, right? Lucky for you, we’ve embedded the hyperlink right here.

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