We recently wrote an entire Advanced Guide to Employee Surveys with a complete chapter about why actionable employee surveys had to be anonymous. When it comes to surveying employees, you want candid feedback. Anonymity offers the safety employees need to be honest.

When it comes to client surveys though, we’re going to do a 180. Your clients don’t need this safety. They’re the ones in control and can choose to fire you when and if they want. Further, if your customer surveys were anonymous, you’d always be guessing at who said what. Imagine what terrible customer service you’d be offering if you heard about a problem but didn’t have the information you needed to respond.

Don’t play the guessing game when clients are at stake. Keep your client names attached to any and all feedback.

Top 3 Reasons to Remove Anonymity from Client Surveys

  • 1Lets you respond: If you don’t know which client had issues, how can you possibly contact them? Seeing their name lets you know who you need to call.
  • 2Helps keep records updated: In account management, it’s always helpful to keep a running record of interactions with clients. Survey feedback is no different. Seeing who responds lets you keep your records up to date.
  • 3Allows for a personal touch: Sometimes it’s been a while since you’ve spoken to a client. Seeing their response, even if it’s positive or neutral, gives you an excuse to reach out and remind them that you’re there to be a useful resource to them.
Client: Financial Services Company
Challenge: How to save clients that are about to jump ship
Story: Our client never had much time to proactively reach out to their customers, but felt it was the right thing to do a for a client-oriented business.

They quickly got CLIENTpulse up and running and were floored to see that two long-time clients were in the “Danger Zone,” ready to quit at any time. Thankfully, the survey responses were not anonymous and our client knew exactly which two clients they needed to tackle.

Their Saves Team, a few senior employees adept at triaging client concerns and finding swift resolutions, swooped in. They broached the clients’ concerns head on and came up with resolutions to keep them happy and invested in the business.

The CEO remarked, "CLIENTpulse has been a godsend for us.” Just those two clients alone “totaled 1000x what we've spent on CLIENTpulse to date.”

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