Automation won’t make your client surveys dominate like killer robots from outer space, but it will sure go a long way to compiling actionable client feedback. And that ain’t bad, right?

One of the strongest forces acting against effective client surveys is you. Your personal bandwidth and memory (or should we say forgetfulness?) stand in the way of both programming and then actually sending surveys on a regular basis. Don’t deny it. You’re juggling so many tasks right now that adding one more to the pile will only end in loss.

Automation gets you out of the way!

Automate Survey Sends

Take some responsibility off of your plate. Rely on automation when sending out your surveys.

When using a system that automates the sending of surveys, you don’t have to worry about what questions to send out or what answer prompts to select. Automating the request to take the survey means that once you have a great survey to send out, you won’t forget to actually send it.

While you’ll have to wait with bated breath until Chapter 17 to learn about automation timing ( or, you know, you could just click here), just keep in mind that automation is a great way to ensure that surveys actually get sent out to your clients.

Update Your Client List

Once you have automation in place, don’t forget to regularly update the “send list.” That is, the group of clients who should expect to receive the email. Hopefully your company is doing great and you keep racking up new clients. You’ll want to add them to the send list so that you can include them in your surveys.

On the flip side, clients do sometimes leave. Just like you don’t want to accidentally text or email an ex, you don’t want to accidentally send a past client a request to take your client survey. It’s not quite as awkward, but it does diminish your professionalism.

Quick Tip:


Automation doesn’t just stop with sending surveys out. The following reasons show why adding an automated thank you note upon survey completion is something you’ll want in all your client surveys:

  • Acknowledges receipt: People like to know that their thoughts have been properly captured. Just like receiving an “Order Received” email when you make a purchase online, sending a thank you confirms that the system has captured their feedback.
  • Shows personalization: Sending the email from the CEO, and signing it with their name, humanizes the automation. It helps your clients see that there is an actual person committed to their account.
  • Shows gratitude: Your client just took time out of his or her day to do you a favor. A thank you note acknowledges that effort and shows that you really do appreciate your client’s feedback.

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