Frequently Asked Questions


What are the different frequencies I can use?

There are four distinct frequencies one can use to pulse their clients: once, quarterly, semiannually, or annually. Once a frequency is chosen, the client receives a CLIENTpulse at the interval you selected. You're able to preview everyone who will receive a CLIENTpulse and will be able to edit their frequency as needed.

What does it mean to make a frequency "smart" like smart quarterly?

You can enable smart frequency for both quarterly and semi-annual frequencies. For example, if company A enables smart quarterly frequency starting in Q1. Then every clients who responds to company A's CLIENTpulse in Q1 will skip the next quarter's CLIENTpulse since they just responded. But if a client didn't respond in Q1, then they will receive their next pulse in Q2.

The same holds for smart semi-annual frequency. If a client does respond in the first time interval, then they will skip the next interval before their next pulse. But if the client doesn't respond in that first time interval, then they will receive their next pulse in the subsequent time interval.

What is the Client Happiness Index (CHI) and how is it calculated?

Client Happiness Index "CHI" measures how happy your customers are. It is influenced by (but has no affiliation with) Net Promoter Score. We ask the following question in every CLIENTpulse to determine CHI: "How likely would you refer our offering to a colleague or friend?".

Learn more about how Client Happiness Index is calculated

When do you send the CLIENTpulse surveys?

We usually send on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays to optimize response rates. We send in the time zone designated on your account. Please review and update to the time zone that most of your clients are located in to maximize response rates.

Do you send reminders the recipients who haven't responded?

Yes, after the initial CLIENTpulse, we send a reminder one week later. And if they still haven't responded, we'll send another reminder two weeks after the initial pulse.

In this instance, we do not send a third reminder. But if you go to Browse Clients and click on any client that hasn't responded to their current pulse, you will see a unique link to their survey on their client profile page. You can manually copy and email this link to them to personally followup and ask them to respond.

I've run into my sending limit, but I still have more clients that I want feedback from. How can I increase my limit?

We set sending limits to monitor deliverability to your clients' inboxes and to prevent spam. We take both of these seriously and suspend and deactivate violators.

If you have more clients you would like insights from, email us directly at We'll be happy to review your account.

What are effective ways to followup on responses?

One of the best ways prioritize responses is to go to Browse Clients and then sort by Happiness. This displays the clients with the lowest Client Happiness response and the most likely to jump ship. Reading through these responses for context before contacting them with an email or call is highly effective.

Why should I use the Add Note feature in the Client Profile page?

After you reach out to your clients, you can Add Notes on their Client Profile page detailing your exchange. We also use this to assign who from our team will be following up with that client. Then after the followup, the results of the exchange are also inputted here so we can easily view their history.

CSV Imports

What should my file format be?

CSV files must be formatted with column headings including at least "Email". Including "First Name", "Last Name" and "Organization Name" significantly improve response rates. Including "Segment" will help you process the results more quickly.

Example Format (copy and paste into your spreadsheet):

Email First Name Last Name Organization Name Segment Gandalf The Grey Fellowship of the Ring Wizards Tandy Compute HardDrives
Which export files do you support?

You can modify any export file to match our headers above, however, we do support many files with out editing.

If you have any questions about a file please email us at

Will I have time to review my clients before they invited?

You will have a minimum of two days before your clients are emailed. After email import you will receive a link to review imported clients. At this point you or a colleague can edit or remove clients if anything is incorrect.

Do I need to remove duplicates from my file?

No. Only one client will be added per unique email. If your import file contains an email address already in the CLIENTpulse system, we will update missing data but not overwrite any current data. These clients will not receive a new invite since they are already in the system.